About it


It's your money

Super is your money and it’s likely to be one of your largest investments, so it’s worthwhile getting your head around the basics.

How super works

Broadly speaking, your super account works in two ways. Money, in the form of contributions and earnings, goes in, while fees and taxes go out.

Unlike other investments, you generally can’t access the money until you reach retirement age.


For more information on each of these elements, refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Supplements.

* It’s possible, depending on the risk profile of your investment strategy, that you experience negative earnings from time to time.

Why is super a great way to save for the future?

It’s tax smart

The money your employer puts into super* and its investment earnings are usually only taxed at 15% - lower than the tax most people pay on their income and other investments.

* Limits apply – Learn more about contribution caps.

It’s invested for the long term and grows over time

Super is a long-term investment - and the longer it’s invested, the more time it has to take advantage of compound returns. Even a small contribution to your super can make a big difference in the long run. When you consider that your super is invested for 40 or so years, the effect of compound returns is huge.


Make the most of your super – 4 easy steps

It really is easy to get started. Even if you do nothing else, get onto these 4 simple actions, and you’ll still make the most of your super.


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