Pension options


Pension options that offer flexibility

Slow down a little. Save more super. Or jump straight into life after work.

Pensions aren’t just for people who have retired. In fact, once you reach your preservation age, you can move your super to a pension, and take advantage of the benefits even if you’re still working.

Use your super to your advantage in retirement

You don’t have to take your super as one big lump sum. Many of our members find that they are far better off moving their super to a pension account when they retire. It gives them the certainty that comes with having a regular income to live off at a level of their choosing, but also keeps their money invested with in tax friendly investment, with zero tax on earnings in allocated pensions.


Choose between

Retire and enjoy your life after work with an Allocated Pension

...and enjoy:

  • the certainty that comes with a regular income
  • tax free investment earnings
  • better long-term earnings in a diversified option compared to what you’d get if you put your money in a savings account
  • the ability to make lump-sum withdrawals when you want or need to

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Continue working and use the Working Income Support Pension

...and enjoy:

  • continued super savings without cutting your budget – you may even pay less tax
  • working less, but having the same amount of money coming in each week
  • increasing your income by accessing your super

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Opening a pension account is simple and straightforward

Find out exactly what is involved and how to get started. Or give us a call on 1800 757 607 and we can talk you the process, and arrange for a financial planner to help you.


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