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These videos are short, sharp, easy to understand and will help you make the most of your super. From boosting your super, to getting ready to retire, changing investment strategies and everything in between, they’ll help you to understand the ins and outs of your super and get where you want to be.

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Nominating beneficiaries

Who’ll get your super? – in this video learn about the importance of nominating beneficiaries for your death benefit and the different types of nominations you can make.

Keeping your super together

Keeping your super together – in this video learn about why it’s worth combining your super in one Fund and how to go about rolling in super from other funds.

Membership benefits

Making the most of your membership – in this video get an overview of all the many benefits of membership with Maritime Super.

Retirement planning

Imagine your future – in this video learn about planning for your retirement and working out how much money you’ll need for it.

Insurance and Super

Protect yourself from the unexpected – in this video get an overview of the types of insurance cover on offer through the Fund and how to go about getting the right level of cover.

Financial advice

Improve your financial outcomes – in this video learn how financial advice can set you on the path to financial freedom, with your first appointment free of charge.

Investing your super

Make an informed investment choice – in this video learn about the relationship between risk and return and the fundamentals of investing.