Investment approach


In for the long term

At Maritime Super we believe investment success comes from setting a long-term investment strategy and staying on course with it. Our main driver is to help our members achieve financial security in retirement. To do so, we take the investment of your assets very seriously.

The Fund offers a range of investment options for members accounting for the fact that members each have varying investment objectives, risk tolerances and return expectations.

In each of the Fund’s diversified investment options, the investment strategy is focused on long-term fundamentals and diversification across a range of asset classes, sectors, regions and managers.

We look for investments that will benefit members and ensure their retirement income needs are met in the long run. While we keep a close watch on short-term market movements, we don’t make short-term decisions that attempt to time the market and potentially end up worse off. Short term reactions during periods of volatility do not play a part in our investment approach.