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Choose from three types of cover

With Maritime Super you can have the confidence that if something unexpected was to happen to you, at least you and your family would have the money to pay the bills and put food on the table.

The type and level of insurance cover available to you will depend on your membership category. Some members automatically receive a basic level of insurance cover when they join. Voluntary cover is available to most members and is subject to acceptance by the Insurer.

Death cover

If the worst was to happen to you, Maritime Super’s Death cover would pay a lump sum to those who depend on you. This money could help your family pay the mortgage, bills, school fees and cover day-to-day living expenses. It’s important you nominate your beneficiaries so we know who they are.

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover

If your life took an unexpected turn and you could never work again because you were totally and permanently disabled, your TPD cover would give you a lump sum. This money could help you to cover your day-to-day living costs, along with your medical expenses.

Income Protection

While we don’t like to think about it, the reality is that serious injury or illness could strike at any time. And many of us would struggle to pay our bills after our sick pay ran out. With Income Protection insurance, depending on your level of cover, you could have up to 50% or 75% of salary paid to you, for up to two years, if you weren’t able to work because of injury or sickness.

To find out more about your Income Protection options and how the cover works read our Income Protection fact sheet.

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Insurance and Super

Protect yourself from the unexpected – in this video get an overview of the types of insurance cover on offer through the Fund and how to go about getting the right level of cover.

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