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What if you couldn’t work for 6 months? A year? Ever again?

If you’re like most people, you probably insure your car, home, possessions and perhaps your health costs, and think you’re covered. But we forget about the one thing that pays the bills – our ability to earn an income to pay for your lifestyle and provide for your family.

If something was to happen and you weren’t able to work, how long would your savings last? If the worst was to happen and you were no longer around, would your family have enough money to continue on?

Maritime Super offers you a range of insurance options that not only provide comprehensive cover, but they generally cost less than similar policies offered elsewhere:

  • Death cover
  • Total and Permanent Disablement cover
  • Income Protection.

Most Australians are unfortunately underinsured

  • As a nation we only have 60% of the insurance we need.

  • The average Australian family with two kids has $422,000 less Life Insurance than they need.


Source: Rice Warner, 2015 Underinsurance Report, based on 2014 data.

Insurance and Super

Protect yourself from the unexpected – in this video get an overview of the types of insurance cover on offer through the Fund and how to go about getting the right level of cover.

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