Working at Maritime Super

At Maritime Super, we pride ourselves on delivering service excellence. To make this happen we offer an environment where our people can be themselves, bring their best and make a real difference to helping our members secure financial freedom in the future.

Our people have a voice to share ideas, share their knowledge and truly be part of our business.


Our Values

Working together

We recognise that collectively we achieve great things


We communicate respectfully by speaking clearly and listening carefully to understand our members and each other

Service excellence

We provide service excellence by making sure everything we do guarantees our members always come first


We act with integrity by fostering trust amongst each other by staying true to our word and fulfilling our commitments

Who we are

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Current vacancies

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Why work for us

Employer funded paid leave for both Primary and Secondary carers.

Our Health program focuses on the mind and the body. Corporate challenges, massages and mental health training are all included.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. You will join an inclusive workplace where diversity is celebrated.

Partnering with organisations across Australia you will have the opportunity to volunteer in our community.

A staff development program will ensure you reach your potential both personally and professionally.

Flexible working, Employer Funded Study, Community Service and Domestic Family Violence Leave are all available.


What our people have to say about working for Maritime Super.

“Keep on being Maritime Super - tick.”

“I love our culture and feel we have the right work/life/health balance.”

“I love working for Maritime Super and do not see myself moving on for some time.”

“Keep up the family feel.”