Maritime Super has journeyed with you throughout your working life. Why not take us with you into retirement by applying for a Maritime Super pension?

We offer a great choice of products – a transition to retirement pension, allocated pension and fixed term pension. Buying a pension with Maritime Super also means you will get:

  • access to retirement planning tools;
  • a free financial planning meeting with one of our professional financial advisers; and
  • peace of mind that your retirement savings are safe.

Working Income Support Pension (WISP)

A WISP (also known as Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension) allows you to reduce your working hours and top up your salary with an income from your super.

Key benefits:

  • Continue to grow your super, as you continue to receive contributions from your employer and compound investment returns;
  • Approach retirement gradually without giving up any of your income; and
  • Vary the amount you receive each year to meet your changing needs, subject to minimum and maximum income limits.

Find out more about the WISP and eligibility.

Allocated Pension

With an Allocated Pension you can convert your lump-sum benefit into a regular income which will continue for as long as you have funds in the account.

Key benefits:

  • Choose how much you want to take as an income each year (if you’re over age 60 this will be tax free)
  • Choose how often you want to receive your pension payments throughout the year
  • Option to vary the amount you receive each year to meet your changing needs
  • Invest your account to keep it growing
  • Take lump sum withdrawals at any time

Find out more about the Allocated Pension and eligibility.

Closed pension products

Maritime Super also has a number of pension products that are closed to new members, including the Life Pension, Fixed Term Pension, Fixed Term Income and the Term Allocated Pension. If you are an existing member of one of these products and have a query or would like more information, please contact Member Services.