Value of advice

Making the right choices today will pay off later

Getting financial advice can mean the difference between an average and an outstanding financial future - which would you prefer?

Financial advice is designed to help guide you towards your short-term and long-term financial goals. It can help structure your choices when it comes to spending your income, investing in assets, putting aside savings, managing loans and debts, and so on.

The key to financial freedom can be as simple as making the right choices today, and that’s where the value of advice comes in.

Advice at every stage

When you’re young, working and building a life – you may benefit from long-term saving strategies, choosing the right investment strategy, making tax-effective contributions to super, protecting your earning ability through insurance, etc.

When you’re approaching retirement and aiming to maximise your savings – you may benefit from maximising your contributions to super, considering a transition strategy to retirement, choosing the right investment strategy, etc.

When you’re retired and spending your savings – you may benefit from effectively managing your pension drawdown strategy, choosing the right investment strategy for your pension, making the most of tax breaks, considering any entitlements to social security and how to position yourself to access it and estate planning.