Meet our Advice team

At the heart of our advice offering is our financial planning team - they understand our members, are passionate, professional and dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain financial wellbeing.

Whether you’re taking the first steps towards planning for your future or in retirement, our financial planners can help you set clear, achievable goals and outline what you need to do to achieve them.

All of our financial planners are qualified and licensed to provide expert advice on:

  • investing your super or pension
  • contributing to super to boost your savings
  • protecting you and your family with adequate insurance cover
  • transitioning to retirement
  • retirement strategies (including social security and taxation); and
  • estate planning.

Our Advice Team

Chris Kotsiofis

Chris Kotsiofis - Head of Advice

Chris is the Head of Advice at Maritime Super, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. Chris is a Certified Financial Planner with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, gained in various senior roles including accounting and financial advisory services.

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Chris has a long and successful track record of providing professional advice to members. Under his leadership, the Advice Team delivers quality, compliant financial advice that unfailingly has the member’s best interests at the forefront.

"I’m committed to ensuring that our members have access to the very best advice available. I take professional pride in being able to equip members with the tools, resources and strategies that help them secure a good financial future."

Contact Chris on 0417 321 800 or

Matthew Geraghty

Matthew Geraghty – Senior Financial Planner (NSW)

Matthew is a Certified Financial Planner who has been providing quality financial advice to members for more than 10 years. Matthew is dedicated to providing tailored financial strategies to members of all ages which takes into account their needs at various stages of their life.

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Matthew’s approach recognises the importance of having both short-term and long-term financial goals that work in harmony together. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to financial planning, and Matthew is motivated by discovering what’s important to each member so they can work together to maximise the member’s financial wellbeing.

"No two members are the same, and I love learning about each and every member; their goals and plans for the future. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to work with members to help them realise their financial dreams".

Contact Matthew on 0447 279 771 or

James Stewart

James Stewart – Financial Planner (VIC, TAS)
BBus, Adv.Dip.FP, Dip.FP

James is a Financial Planner and has an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning). He also has a Bachelor of Business (Finance) and is currently undertaking a Masters of Applied Finance.

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James joined the financial planning team in 2012 and has more than 8 years of experience in financial planning. James’ exposure to all facets of the financial services industry, coupled with his commitment to ongoing education and professional development, enables him to deliver innovative financial and retirement planning solutions. He takes pride in his ability to help members, and provides the information and resources that enable members to make informed decisions.

"Many members describe their working life as a journey, and I’m here to help them along their super savings journey to provide the peace of mind knowing that their financial future is assured. With careful planning and the right strategies and advice, everyone can achieve financial security in retirement."

Contact James on 0424 940 732 or

Jim Atley

Jim Atley – Financial Planner (QLD & NT)

Jim holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and is an accredited member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. He joined the financial planning team in 2011 and has over 15 years’ experience in providing quality financial advice.

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At the forefront of Jim’s advice philosophy is recognising the value of long-term relationships – Jim prides himself on his ability to understand exactly what members need so that he can help them feel confident about their financial future.

Jim helps members explore different options and scenarios so they can take control of their financial situation and navigate their way to a comfortable retirement.

"For me, it’s all about building and nurturing relationships with members. I genuinely care about the people I’m helping, and I pride myself on my ability to understand what members need. Often, listening is more important than speaking, and I take the time to listen to what members are really communicating when they talk about their plans for the future."

Contact Jim on 0488 072 369 or

Peter Colquhoun

Peter Colquhoun – Financial Planner (Bathurst, NSW)

Peter draws upon his 26 years of experience in financial services to deliver financial and retirement strategies to members. He is a Certified Financial Planner, an accredited member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, and is also a registered tax adviser.

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Servicing the Bathurst community since 2010, Peter has an intimate understanding of the local issues that can impact a person’s situation, their financial decisions and future.

Peter brings a wealth of experience to his role, and his local knowledge can make all the difference to securing a great retirement.

His holistic advice approach covers a broad spectrum of financial topics – from mortgages to retirement, taxation to estate planning.

"Community is everything, and I am deeply committed to my local community and helping those around me secure a better financial future. We’re all in it together, and it gives me a great amount of satisfaction knowing that I can make a real difference in a person’s financial future."

Contact Peter on 0448 470 597 or

Craig Austen

Craig Austen – Financial Planner (WA)

Craig is a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning. He is an accredited member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, and has provided quality financial advice to members of Industry Super Funds for 18 years.

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With over 30 years’ experience working in the financial services industry, Craig has accumulated a wealth of experience helping people plan for their future and organise their financial affairs in retirement.

"Like any good road map, a financial plan points you towards your destination and shows you the best way to get there.
It’s gratifying to know that I can make a real difference in a person’s retirement journey and help them achieve their long-term financial and retirement goals."

Contact Craig on 0417 937 716 or

Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd – Financial Planner (NSW)
CFP, Dip. Bus (Acctg), ADFS (FP), GDip.FP

Stephen is a Certified Financial Planner with over 8 years’ experience in the finance industry. Stephen has an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Associate Diploma of Business (Accounting), Graduate Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking).

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Stephen’s knowledge and expertise spans superannuation, insurance, investments and retirement planning. He takes a holistic approach to help member achieve their financial goals and objectives.

"Members confide in me their hopes and dreams for the future, and it gives me immense satisfaction in being able to steer them in the right direction to realise these dreams."

Contact Stephen on 0403 477 378 or