Cost of advice

Because financial advice is personalised and is unique for each member, so too is the cost of this advice. The amount you’ll pay will depend on the scope and complexity of the advice that you receive.

A guide on the cost of advice

As a Maritime Super member, you’re entitled to an initial consultation with one of our financial planners free of charge. There’s absolutely no obligation to proceed beyond this point, but if you would like some financial advice, your planner can guide you through your options and costs.

To give you a rough idea of costs, on average:

  • advice that covers one or two areas can range from $200 - $600.
  • advice that covers a comprehensive financial plan can range from $1500 - $2500.

There are no hidden fees or charges, so you’ll know upfront exactly how much you will be paying.

Members can also receive limited advice about investments and salary sacrifice strategies over the phone at no cost. This means that you can ask a financial planner about your investment strategy and/or salary sacrifice contribution strategy, and you’ll receive personal advice that takes into account your relevant circumstances. Call 1800 757 607 to speak with a financial planner.

Access to professional financial advice

Our financial planners operate on a fee-for-advice basis. They do not receive commissions or promote specific products, so you can rest assured that they are providing advice that’s in your best interests.

If you would like to have a financial plan prepared, your planner will provide you with a financial plan (known as a Statement of Advice), which sets out tailored recommendations and strategies that are created just for you.

For more information about the advice process, click here or read our Fact Sheet Getting financial advice.