Our community

Maritime Super is passionate about supporting the health and well being of our members and the community. In support of this we are closely aligned with organisations; Hunterlink and SuperFriend.

Hunterlink Recovery Services

SuperFriend log

Hunterlink Recovery Services is committed to providing support and counselling services for maritime workers and their families.

Their team of experienced, professional counsellors understand the unique issues facing those working in the maritime industry. They specialise in helping people deal with:

  • substance abuse
  • problem gambling and other addictions
  • financial problems and money management
  • grief; and
  • anxiety and depression.

Their support services are free of charge and counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finding Assistance for you and your family, call 1800 554 654 or visit www.hunterlink.org.au.


SuperFriend log

SuperFriend works with Industry Superannuation funds to provide individuals, employers and workplaces with information about improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

The SuperFriend website offers a range of trusted information and resources to help members reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Visit the SuperFriend website to find out about:

  • Proactive ways to improve mental health; like sleeping well and reducing alcohol intake
  • How to work towards a healthier workplace for everyone
  • The facts about common disorders such as depression and anxiety, and less common illnesses like bipolar disorder
  • Where to seek reliable help and support.