Our governance

Maritime Super is a regulated and complying superannuation fund within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act). The Fund is an industry public offer fund which is governed by a legally binding document known as the Trust Deed. This sets out the responsibilities of the Trustee and employers and the entitlements of members.

Maritime Super Pty Limited is the Trustee company that is responsible for the management and operation of the Fund. As a company, it operates under a Constitution.

Conflict management

The Trustee expects that relevant conflicts are managed in such a way as to protect the interests of, and meet the reasonable expectations of, member and other beneficiaries. The Trustee takes all reasonable practical action to identify, avoid or otherwise manage conflict so that decisions are reached properly, on an informed basis and without undue influence.

The Trustee maintains a conflict management policy and a register of relevant interests and duties.

Click here for a summary of the Trustee's Conflict Management Policy.

Click here for Register of Relevant Interests and Duties.