Frequently asked questions

We've aimed to answer some of the more common questions employers have about super and membership with Maritime Super. If you have a question that's not addressed below please call Member Services on 1800 757 607.

How much super do I need to pay for employees?

According to superannuation law, you are required to contribute a minimum level known as Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions for eligible employees. Generally, you will need to pay super contributions of 9.5% of Ordinary Time Earnings for any of your employees who are aged 18 or over and receiving a wage of $450 or more a month. Employers may be required to make higher contributions where specified under an award or industrial agreement.

The SG contribution rate is set to gradually increase to 12% between 1 July 2013 and 1 July 2025. Refer to Contributions for more information.

How do I make employer contributions to the Fund?

Once you've submitted your contribution details, we will accept payments by clearing house, BPAY or Direct Debit. Find out more at Contributions.

What do I do if an employee resigns?

Let us know about any changes to your employee's circumstances at your earliest convenience by completing a Termination/Change of Employment Advice form, calling Member Services or emailing

When an employee resigns they can still enjoy all the benefits of membership through the Fund's Retained Benefits category. If they've moved within the industry to another maritime employer they are likely to be eligible for a category transfer. Call Member Services for more information.

How do I join Maritime Super?

It's easy to join, simply read the relevant PDS and complete the application form. Before sending us the application form, ensure that it is signed by authorised person(s) in your company. Your application will then go to the Trustee for authorisation.

If you do not receive confirmation that your application has been approved within four weeks of sending it, you should contact Member Services on 1800 757 607.