Benefits of membership

Maritime Super is the largest super fund for the maritime industry with over 30,000 members and over $4.8 billion in assets. Maritime Super manages the superannuation and pension benefits of maritime workers and their families, including corporate funds of Teekay, Trident, SVITZER and Inco Ships. The Fund also offers membership to family and friends of Maritime Super members.

Benefits for employers

  • A range of membership categories and benefits to suit your employment arrangements
  • A Fund with a proud history of serving members, that is passionate and devoted to the maritime industry
  • Access to a dedicated Business Relationship Manager to help you address your business requirements
  • Flexible payment options
  • Timely processing of contributions
  • Over 45 years' experience in superannuation

Benefits for employees

  • A profit-for-members philosophy
  • A strong commitment to member education
  • A range of investment options
  • Solid long-term investment performance
  • Quality member services and administration
  • Affordable voluntary insurance cover
  • Personalised financial planning