Change of employee details

It’s important to let us know as soon as possible when your employees’ details change, in order for us to best manage their benefits in the Fund. You can advise us by adjusting the appropriate field in your SuperStream file.

Changes we need to be aware of include:

  • Correction of an error in the employee’s personal details
  • Change to an employee’s personal details
  • Change in employment conditions which affect the employee’s eligibility for membership of a category of Maritime Super (e.g. if an employee changes from a sea-based to a shore-based occupation or goes on unpaid annual leave for more than 12 months)
  • Termination of employment of an employee (you need to advise us of the date and details using Maritime Super’s Termination/Change of Employment Advice Form)
  • Disability or death of an employee (you should provide details of the next of kin for us to contact)